6 SEO Facts That Should be Incorporated into Your Marketing Strategy

Written by: Worldsites Toronto Inc

May 22, 2019

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. Every day. Despite the amount of information available online, users typically linger at the top of the first page.

So, how do you earn your place in these results?

While creating online content, you’ve probably come across the term “search engine optimization” once or twice. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves the process of optimizing your digital content to achieve a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). In short, marketers can optimize their content using well-placed keywords, which appeal to search engine algorithms. Although SEO is well-known in the industry, there are several uncommon facts that digital marketers often overlook. We’ve listed 6 of these below.

1. Page Speed Influences Ranking

Slow loading speeds both irritate and inconvenience web visitors. But did you know it can also affect your Google SERP ranking? Yes, Google takes page speed into consideration when calculating search rankings. Not only will fast page speed leave a positive impression on users, it will also improve your Google visibility! Currently, Google is considering expanding this requirement into mobile devices, where page speed will be a factor for mobile search rankings.

2. Use Multi-Word Phrases

According to When optimizing your content for SEO, keep in mind that consumers often search in phrases, not simple one-word terms. There are hundreds of online competitors optimizing their content with the same keywords as you. With that in mind, your SEO keywords should reflect the authentic search patterns of consumers and be as focused as possible. If you only optimize for single keywords, your page will drown in Google’s overflowing repository of search results.

3. Long Content Ranks Best

With the knowledge that most searches are longer than 4 words, it goes without saying that long page content will rank higher in search engines. In fact, the average first-page result on Google is 1890 words. If users are searching for a specific topic, it helps to offer as much information as possible on the subject. That being said, your content should still be guided by keywords and maintain structure. When visitors arrive on your page, you need to hold their attention.

4. Rankings Are NOT Permanent

Although this might appear to be an obvious point, remember that search engine rankings are temporary. Search engines constantly modify their algorithms, which means marketers must stay on top of their SEO to maintain rankings. In addition, new information is added online at a rapid pace. Your content will easily get lost if left unmonitored. To achieve search engine success, you should continuously optimize your online content according to changing search engine and competitor trends.

5. Google Gets the Most Business

Companies who rank on Google receive the most business, simply because they have the most visibility. Stay updated with Google algorithms and analytics to learn how your company can achieve a strong ranking.

6. Recycle Old Content

The thought of recycling old content might prompt you to shake your head. But according to Backlinko, republishing old posts with updated information and images can actually increase organic traffic from search engines by 111%. This is particularly useful for older, well established companies that already have hundreds of posts (many of which have been forgotten by consumers). If your business created content in the past that received high engagement, you might want to consider updating and reposting it for greater online visibility.

New SEO tricks and techniques emerge on a daily basis. To achieve the best results, it’s important to stay current with search engine trends and ensure that your content is optimized to the standards of your competitors. Our experts at Worldsites Toronto are highly experienced in SEO. We help businesses develop strategies that are proven to drive results and achieve search engine success. Contact us today to find out more!

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