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Pay Per Click (PPC) is on the Rise with Mobile Users

Wednesday, September 4, 2013, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Paid Search

Mobile users are finding more Pay Per Click (PPC) ads thanks to a rise in the practice. Would it surprise you to learn that Search Engine Land just reported that, from April 1 to June 30, global pay per click (PPC) spending has increased by 23 percent, and mobile PPC has leapt to 132 percent? […]

Will Consumer Fasts Affect Your Social Media Marketing Returns?

Thursday, August 8, 2013, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Social Media Marketing

Are your customers fasting from social media marketing? If so, how will this affect your marketing?. A recent headline caught my eye: “Facebook fast sparks debate over Ramadan social media use.” It definitely got me thinking about my clients and their social media marketing. Namely, if your target consumers are part of a group that […]

When Looking for a Digital Marketing Expert in Toronto, Tread Carefully

Thursday, June 27, 2013, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Online Reputation Management

You need to hire a Toronto-based digital marketing expert, but what should you expect to get in return? “Hi. My name’s Shelley. And I’m a Toronto digital marketing expert.” Whenever I say those words, I know I sound kind of peculiar, like I’m admitting something that’s going to make everyone listening cock their heads to […]

Are You 100% Content with Your Content Management Services?

, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Content Marketing

Does your content management services provider make you feel content? Heteronym. Know what it means? It’s used to describe a word that is spelled the same, but is pronounced differently AND has a different meaning. As in the word “content”. And that’s what this post is all about. (Content, not heteronyms, although heteronyms are pretty […]

Welcome to Pong: What Your Website Design Should Keep in Mind

Monday, May 27, 2013, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Website Design & Development

Website design shouldn’t remind the visitor of the game “Pong”… or should it? Raise your hands: Who played Atari’s game “Pong”? If you’re over age 35, you probably played that incredibly addictive video game that was basically three lines and a circle. In fact, my guess is that if you played Pong at all, you […]

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