7 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Producing Fruit

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7 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Producing Fruit

Friday, January 30, 2015, Posted by Shelley Muldoon to Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to convert prospects to customers, as well as upsell customers on services and products they might find useful. However, many clients are expressing concern that their email marketing isn’t producing the fruit that it once was. They’re wondering if maybe they need to ditch it all together. Before taking such drastic measures, I would recommend conducting a thorough analysis to see if the email marketing blasts contain one or more of the following characteristics.

  1. It’s all about the sale. There’s an old saying that people love to buy, but hate to be sold. Look at your email blasts. Are they providing real value to your readers, or are they just touting how wonderful you are?
  2. You send them out too often or not often enough. For some industries, an email-a-day makes sense; other fields lend themselves more to more sporadic email campaigns. You may simply be inundating your customers, or, alternatively, losing their interest by connecting with them too little. Conduct a few tests to determine the frequency “sweet spot” for your business.
  3. Your headlines are weak. Headlines are the gateway to getting people to click on your emails. If your headlines are lackluster, your click-through rates will be dreary, too.
  4. You have tons of grammatical errors. Don’t rely on Spellcheck as your editor! Have someone read over your sentences to ensure you aren’t sending out emails with glaring errors.
  5. Your email recipients aren’t good prospects. Did you perhaps buy your email list rather than building it over time? If so, you may discover that the people receiving your emails simply aren’t interested in any of your messages.
  6. You have no calls-to-action. Don’t assume that your readers will pick up the phone or click on an embedded link. Remind them to do so with your words or even buttons.
  7. Your emails take forever to load. Do you have too many graphics in your emails? Are they taking recipients forever to load? (Remember – in this business, forever can equate to five seconds.) Switch to a less complicated look or platform and you may see an increase in open rates.

Want to learn more about email marketing for your company? My team and I can help! Just give me a call (there’s that call-to-action line!) and we’ll start a discussion.


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